Pure Paté 400g Variety Pack (2 x beef, 2 x lamb, 1 x chicken)

Pack Size: 5 x 400g (Multi Pack)

This is a Multi Pack of:

5 x 400g (2 x Lamb, 2 x Beef, 1 x Chicken)

Complete Pure Paté Dog Food is naturally healthy and totally irresistible. Made from 100% fresh meat (no offal), this delicious food is a single source of protein and is free from gluten and grain, the food contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to make this a complete food for Dogs.

Pure Paté is also Great for filling Kongs to keep your dog entertained for hours or as a healthy food topper. Because of the pure like texture it is also great for use a training treat as it is easy cut into small cubes.


Pack Size: 5 x 400g (Multi Pack)

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Our New Pure Paté for dogs is naturally healthy and totally irresistible. Made from 100% fresh meat/fish with no offal, these delicious paté’s are also grain and gluten free.

So what makes our treats stand out from the crowd?

  • 100% fresh meat/fish (single source protein) – no offal!
  • Complete Food for Dogs
  • The firm ‘paté like’ texture is also ideal for stuffing kongs/toys but firm enough to cut into cubes
  • Also perfect for using as a topper for both kibble and raw fed dogs if not as a complete food.
  • Great for use a training treat
  • Grain and gluten free – no additives, no preservatives… nothing!
  • More varieties and sizes coming soon

The vitamins in our Paté’s are Organic, all from organic fruits, vegetables and botanicals.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Pack Size

5 x 400g (Multi Pack)


Chicken Pate 100%
Beef Pate 100%
Lamb Pate 100%

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